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145 Mehrauli Gurgaon Road Sultan Puri Delhi30
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E 2/9, Vasant Vihar
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3002 Main Road tri Nagar Delhi35
Pincode: 110035. New Delhi, Delhi

Helpful information about Plants

Plants are living things that provide natural resources, add color and beauty, and grow when placed in the proper environment. Plants have the ability to survive conditions that might easily kill humans and many plants are able to renew themselves when all hope seems lost. Living plants help oxygen levels remain steady and provide sustenance. People buy plants in order to reap all of these benefits.

Plant types include garden plants, water plants, and indoor plants. Garden plants are used in outdoor spaces to create a decorative area. Wildflowers, daisies, and hostas are a few popular garden plants. Water plants grow in ponds and marshes. Water lilies and cattails are popular choices for homemade ponds. Indoor plants are potted and varieties include ferns, orchids, and cactus.

The best place to buy plants in New Delhi is a nursery that specializes in the trade. Nurseries in New Delhi have the greatest number of options to choose from which makes it the best choice for starter gardens. Garden centers are available in department stores and home improvement centers. These stores offer nice plants at a lower cost than nurseries and they have a sufficient number of choices for customers.

Plants in New Delhi
Plants in New Delhi

Information about New Delhi

New Delhi is the capital of India and one of the nine districts in which the National Capital Territory of Delhi is divided. With a population of around 2 million inhabitants, and more than 17 million in its metropolitan area, this metropolis is the second most popolous in the country after Bombay. Founded in 1911, the city is located in the north part of the country on the bank of Yamuna River, and is part of the North Indian River Plain.

New Delhi is one of the world's major tourism destinations, attracting millions of visitors each year who come to the city for its many national institutions, museums and monuments. Starting with two UNESCO World Heritage Sites like Humayun's Tomb and the Qutub complex, the city presents many places of interest like the National Museum and its impressive collection of works of art, the national monument konwn as the India Gate and the unique Rajpath boulevard, the Gandhi Smriti Museum, the Buddha Jayanti Park, the observatory Jantar Mantar, and architectural wonders like the Laxminarayan Temple, the Sacred Heart Cathedral or the Gurudwara Bangla Sahib.

Another attraction for tourism in New Delhi is its cuisine, full of aromas, flavors and colors so characteristic in India. With a mixture of North Indian food, Mughlai and Punjabi cousine, between its traditional dishes can be found the shawarma, the panner tikka, the kulfi-falooda, the tandoori chicken and the boti kebab. As a great commercial and financial center, the main economic activities of New Delhi are in the service sector and in industries like technology, tourism, telecommunications and banking.

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A 33, Phase 1, Naraina Industrial Area
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