Kumar Engineering Corporation

Exporters of Heavy Steel Enrging Rolls, Shaft, Blocks, Wheel , Manufacturers of Heavy Steel Enrging Rolls, Shaft, Blocks, Wheel Shaft, Shaft Collars & Bright Bars. The responsibility to quality and accountability to our clients make Kumar Engineering Corporation A leader in Engineering. We server Engineering products and services that are aimed at customer satisfaction. Our facilities are located in P.O. box. no 11, Model Town, G. T. Road, Mandi, Gobindgarh.

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Where to find us?

P.O. box. no 11, Model Town, G. T. Road, Mandi
Pincode: 147301. Gobindgarh, Punjab

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Helpful information about Engineering

Engineering is the science used to facilitate the building of machines, structures, and engines. Scientists use their acquired knowledge to creatively find product solutions in a competitive world. Mecanical and computer are two specific fields in which the applied sciences are used to broaden an already wide scope of innovative products. Obtaining an education in either field opens a wide range of employment opportunities upon graduation.

Mecanical engineering is one of the oldest forms of engineering. It is used in manufacturing and maintenance of machinery. Mecanical engineering literally keeps a business running. Computer engineering combines electrical engineering and computer science in the development of computer software. Software provides the programs necessary to run computers efficiently. Almost every business worldwide uses computer software to maintain a high standard of business practices.

Companies that make automobiles, clothing, food, or household goods continually seek knowledgeable mecanical engineers. These are well-paid positions and generally offer a good benefits package. Competent computer engineers are sought on a regular basis by companies that create software and companies that rely on computers for many of the functions in the business. The first plan of action is to become educated in the desired field and then doors will open for a bright career.