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Opp. China Town Restaurant, Rajgarh Road
Pincode: 781003. Guwahati, assam
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R. G. Baruah Road
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Natun Sarania, Gandhi Basti, Silphukhuri
Pincode: 781003. Guwahati, assam
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Naurn Sarani, Gandhi Basti, Silpukhuri
Pincode: 781003. Guwahati, assam
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Narain Nagar, 9F, Kalyan Sharma Bldg
Pincode: 781009. Guwahati, assam

Helpful information about Handicrafts

Handicrafts are pieces of handmade works of art that offer practical everyday use. These items are made around the world; however, they are a specialty in India. Natural materials are used to construct handicraft items including wood, textiles, paper, and clay. Great time and effort is used in creating highly desired handicrafts. A high level of craftsmanship is required to create such items.

Handicrafts are a part of the heritage in India. Silk fabrics, wood statuary, and clay moldings are among the many items created under the artful hands of the craftsmen who understand the intricacy of the art. Each item is distinct because it is handcrafted rather than mass produced. Items are used as decorative pieces for the home and can be purchased at a reasonable cost.

These crafts can be purchased in Assam (State) in high volume department stores, from street vendors, and in shops that specialize in handmade items. Antique wood craft items are highly desired in India and may be purchased through auctions, through classified advertisements, and in private collections. These are the most unique craft items and will add a classic touch to the home while honoring a treasured past.

Handicrafts in Assam (State)
Handicrafts in Assam (State)
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A.T. Road, Paltan Bazar, opp. Hotel Rajmahal
Guwahati, assam
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18, East bye Lane, Sundarpur, R.G.BARUAH Road
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G.N.B. RD, Ambari
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