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The India export business is a high volume trade. It sends Indian products to other countries for retail and wholesale commerce. Exports products include jewelry, crafts, and textiles. This method of trade provides millions of dollars in revenue for businesses in India every year. Businesses that use exports as part of the overall plan realize a heightened rate of success over competitors who do not use it.

India export jewelry items include cut and polished diamonds, gemstones, and gold. Export of these items is high volume because of the great desire for beautiful accessories in the countries that receive them. Craft items exported from India include hand printed textiles, art metal and wood handicrafts. Textiles are clothing items made of silk, wool, and cotton. These items are among the most popular.

Merchandisers may set up India export transportation via ship, airplane, or train. A train is the cheapest option for sending merchandise to a connecting country. Airplane shipments are the fastest method when sending small shipments; however, it is the most expensive method. Sending merchandise on a ship allows for larger volumes of items to be sent and it is a fairly affordable method.

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