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26/1, B.T. Road, Narendra Nagar, Dunlop, 24 Parganas(n)
Pincode: 700056. Kolkata, West Bengal
Amusement Park Equipment, Amusement Park Equipment Dealers, Boiler, Business Enterprises, Furnace, Industrial Ovens, Playground, Playground Equipment ... More Info
34/Q, Suren Sarkar Road, Beliaghata
Pincode: 700010. Kolkata, West Bengal
Casting Ferrous, Casting non Ferrous, Construction Equipment. Use us to find reliable Construction with excellent service in Kolkata. We strive to ... More Info
35, Puddapukur Road, Bhawanipur
Pincode: 700001. Kolkata, West Bengal
Conveyor Dealers, Conveyor Spare Parts, Conveyor Accessories, Manufacturers. In Lyko Engineering Works we seek to server the needs of our Kolkata ... More Info
40, 2ND Floor, Room no 55a, Action Area 1A, Newtown
Pincode: 700059. Kolkata, West Bengal
Exporters, Engineering Exporters, Business Enterprises. Saha and Infotech gives you the best selection of products. At Saha and Infotech, our ... More Info
40, 3RD Floor, Room no 15a, Newtown
Pincode: 700156. Kolkata, West Bengal

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Engineering is the science used to facilitate the building of machines, structures, and engines. Scientists use their acquired knowledge to creatively find product solutions in a competitive world. Mecanical and computer are two specific fields in which the applied sciences are used to broaden an already wide scope of innovative products. Obtaining an education in either field opens a wide range of employment opportunities upon graduation.

Mecanical engineering is one of the oldest forms of engineering. It is used in manufacturing and maintenance of machinery. Mecanical engineering literally keeps a business running. Computer engineering combines electrical engineering and computer science in the development of computer software. Software provides the programs necessary to run computers efficiently. Almost every business worldwide uses computer software to maintain a high standard of business practices.

Companies that make automobiles, clothing, food, or household goods continually seek knowledgeable mecanical engineers. These are well-paid positions and generally offer a good benefits package. Competent computer engineers are sought on a regular basis by companies that create software and companies that rely on computers for many of the functions in the business. The first plan of action is to become educated in the desired field and then doors will open for a bright career.

Engineering in Kolkata
Cable, Cable Ducts, Cable Lugs, Cable Tray Perforated Type, Cable Tray gi, Cable Trays, Earth Electrodes, G, Hoist, i, Junction Boxes, Overhead Line ... More Info
40, 2ND Floor, Room no 24, (burrabazar)
Pincode: 700007. Kolkata, West Bengal
Industrial bag Filter Manufacturers, Industrial Damper Manufacturers, Venturi Scrubber Manufacturers, bag Cage Manufacturers, Screw Conveyor ... More Info
45, Babu Bagan Lane, Selimpur
Pincode: 700031. Kolkata, West Bengal
Hydraulic Engineering Equipment Manufacturers, Manufacturers, Electrical Engineering Equipment Manufacturers. Look no further if you are looking for ... More Info
45, Jhowtalla Road
Pincode: 700017. Kolkata, West Bengal
Fastener Manufacturers, Stainless Steel Manufacturers, Business Enterprises, Engineering Works. From our facilities in Kolkata, we work hard with our ... More Info
47/5, Nafar Chandra das Road
Pincode: 700034. Kolkata, West Bengal
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47/1a, Nafar Chandra das Road
Pincode: 700034. Kolkata, West Bengal
Language Class, Kannada, Tutorial Service Mechanical Engineering. The best Mechanical Services products and services. Gayathri Coaching Centre offers ... More Info
No.5, 1ST FLR, 1ST MN, opp Maruthi Temple, (jessore Road)
Pincode: 700001. Kolkata, West Bengal
Devices, Hospital, Hospital Equipment, Hospital Equipments, Laboratory Equipments, Medical Equipment, Medical Equipments, Splint, Surgical ... More Info
5, Raghunandan Lane, (chittaranjan Avenue)
Pincode: 700001. Kolkata, West Bengal
Industrial Chemical Manufacturers, Soap Manufacturers, Detergent Manufacturers, Manufacturers. Am Engineering and Chemical Company's specialist staff ... More Info
51/22, BF Block, Salt Lake City
Pincode: 700064. Kolkata, West Bengal
Control Panel, Instrumentation Control Panel, Indicator Humidity, Electronic Instrument, Control. We supply Instrumentation products and services ... More Info
56/3a, Santosh roy Road, Purba Barisha
Pincode: 700008. Kolkata, West Bengal
Flange Manufacturers, Spindle Machine Manufacturers, Manufacturers. In Somani Engineering Enterprise, we seek to supply customers so that they will ... More Info
6 C, 4TH Floor
Pincode: 700039. Kolkata, West Bengal
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6, Khairu Place, (chittaranjan Avenue)
Pincode: 700001. Kolkata, West Bengal
Forklift Dealers, Forklift Repair, Forklift Spare Parts, Forklift on Rent, DC Motors. Deepika Electronics and Engineering offers good quality and ... More Info
620, M/5, Industrial Estate, Diamond Harbour Road
Pincode: 700001. Kolkata, West Bengal
Water Treatment Plants, Equipments, Effuent Treatment Plants, Chemicals for Water Treatment Plant, Boilers, Cooling Towers. The most specialised ... More Info
63, BF Block, Salt Lake City
Pincode: 700064. Kolkata, West Bengal
Cast Iron Valves, Pipe Fittings, Business Enterprises. Modern Engineering Works' experience in Enterprises won?t let you down. We supply Enterprises ... More Info
64 Brindabon Mullick Lane, Machuabazar
Pincode: 700009. Kolkata, West Bengal
Generator Services, Diesel Gensets, Generators, Generator Spare Parts, Electrical Goods. We strive to enhance at Howrah Engineering Services every ... More Info
68/4, Lakshman das Lane
Pincode: 711101. Kolkata, West Bengal
Air Filters, gas Filters, Hydraulic Filters, Business Enterprises. Cadillac Engineering Works is trained in the Enterprises industry. Specialised and ... More Info
69 B, Avenue, Action Area 1A, Newtown
Pincode: 700059. Kolkata, West Bengal
Conveyor Dealers, Conveyor Spare Parts, Conveyor Accessories, Manufacturers. Skilled and experienced professionals are at your service on Saraswati ... More Info
70/6, C Road, Salkia, Jorabagan
Pincode: 700006. Kolkata, West Bengal
Valves, Pipe Fittings, Ball Valves, Business Enterprises, Hardware Tools. Selecting Omega Engineering Ompany is the way to get the best Engineering. ... More Info
71/D, BF Block, Salt Lake City
Pincode: 700064. Kolkata, West Bengal
Interior Decorators, Interior Designers, Decorative Items. At Caescon Engineering Services, our experience and professionalism in Engineering backs ... More Info
74, Srat Chatterjee Road, Behala
Pincode: 700060. Kolkata, West Bengal
Shrink Wrapping Machine Manufacturers, Stretch Wrapping Machine Manufacturers, Pallet Shrink Wrapping Machine Manufacturers, Manufacturers. Perks ... More Info
76, BF Block, Salt Lake City
Pincode: 700064. Kolkata, West Bengal