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11/1, Subhash Nagar, Near Shiv Mandir, Pardesipura, Subhash Nagar
Pincode: 452003. Indore, Madhya Pradesh
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11 Bohra Bazar, Madhya Pradesh, Siyaganj
Pincode: 452007. Indore, Madhya Pradesh
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11, Manas Bhavan Extension, Opposite Silver Mall, R.N.T. Road
Pincode: 452001. Indore, Madhya Pradesh
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Pincode: 452001. Indore, Madhya Pradesh
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31, Jawahar Marg, Jhanda Chowk, Jawahar Road
Indore, Madhya Pradesh

Helpful information about Carpets

Carpets are used as decorative and functional floor pieces in homes and offices. Carpet comes in hundreds of colors, patterns, and styles. Carpeting varies in thickness depending on the needs of the customers. Carpet is one of the easiest types of flooring to care for and generally only requires a vacuum cleaning once or twice a week.

When it is time to buy carpets, consider the style carefully. There is wall-to-wall carpeting, throw rugs, and area rugs. Wall-to-wall carpet is the most expensive type. Area rugs are for large spaces and can be moved at will. These are relatively cheap carpets and easier to care for. Throw rugs are cheap carpets that are meant for a very small space and can be washed with the regular laundry.

When it is time to buy carpets, the best carpets stores in Madhya Pradesh (State) are carpet outlets. Outlets offer quality cheap carpeting and have a warehouse full of colors and styles to choose from. Carpet contractors have a wide selection of carpeting available as well and will bring the samples directly to the home as an added convenience. Customers can buy carpet online, but, do extensive research to insure the company is legitimate.

Carpets in Madhya Pradesh (State)
Carpets in Madhya Pradesh (State)

Information about Madhya Pradesh (State)

Madhya Pradesh is a state of India located in the central region of the country, being the second largest state by area and the sixth most populous with about 75 million inhabitants. Currently its capital is Bohpal and its largest city is Indore while its territory has been historically dominated by the Mahajanapada empire and important dynasties as the Mauryans, the Mughals and the Marathas before being conquered by the British Empire. The state was established after Indian independence with Nagpur as capital, changing to the current in 1956, while up to the year 2000 was the largest state in the country until its reorganization that allowed Rajasthan to take its place.

Madhya Pradesh is an unique destination for tourism because its huge number of unique attractions. First, the state has three UNESCO World Heritage Sites, the Buddhist Monuments at Sanchi, the Rock Shelters of Bhimbetka and the Khajuraho Group of Monuments. But the state also offers visitors authentic natural paradise including nine national parks like Bandhavgarh National Park, Sanjay National Park or Mandla Plant Fossils National Park, numerous nature reserves such as the Bagh Caves, the Bori Natural Reserve, Kuno Palpur or Tamia and three biosphere reserves as Pachmarhi, Amarkantak and Panna National Park. In its vast territory tourism can also enjoy significant cultural heritage like the palaces of Badal Mahal in Chanderi, Dinman Hardol in Orchha or Gauhar Mahal in Bhopal, forts such as Asigarh in Burhanpur, Ater in Bhind or Chauragarh in Jabalpur, museums such as the Birla Archaeological of Bhopal, the Baghela dinasty's in Rewa or Central antique Museum at Indore. The religious buildings include the Bada Ganesh ka Mandir Temple in Ujjain, the Baneshwar water shrine Temple in Maheshwar or the Karna Math Mandir Temple in Amarkantak, to name just a few examples.

With such a wide territory, Madhya Pradesh's cuisine can vary greatly from one region to the other, with predominance of meat and wheat in the north and west, and rice and fish in the south and east. Traditional dishes include rogan josh, korma and biryani of Bhopal, and Dal bafla and poha of Indore. The state's economy is based mainly on agriculture, with important productions of wheat, sugarcane, rice, cotton and mustard, among others, while also has significant mineral reserves of diamond, copper, coal and manganese.

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344, Opposite Premsukh Cinema, Jawahar Road
Pincode: 452004. Indore, Madhya Pradesh
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3446/1, Jawahar Road
Indore, Madhya Pradesh
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449 Jawahar Road
Pincode: 452001. Indore, Madhya Pradesh
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66, Patrakar Colony, Kanadia Main Road, Kanadia Road
Pincode: 452018. Indore, Madhya Pradesh
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Behind Bombay Hospital, Ring Road
Pincode: 452010. Indore, Madhya Pradesh
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Jawahar Road
Indore, Madhya Pradesh
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10, Near Punjab National Bank, pin Code 462001, Marwari Road
Pincode: 462001. Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh
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29, Raja Parisar, Zone 2, M.P. Nagar, MP Nagar
Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh
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39/2 C, Saket Nagar
Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh
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239 Scheme no 54, Opposite Bhamori Plaza, Main Road
Pincode: 452001. Indore, Madhya Pradesh
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307, Sapphire Heights, Opposite C21 Mall, A.B. Road
Indore, Madhya Pradesh
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5, Vijay Nagar, Infront of Mangal City, A.B. Road
Indore, Madhya Pradesh
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Indorama Chauraha, Pitampur Sector 3, Vijay Nagar Colony
Indore, Madhya Pradesh
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Shalimar Plaza, 2ND Floor, Jawahar Main Road, Nandlal Pura
Indore, Madhya Pradesh
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LG89, D. M. Tower, Janjeer Wala square. new Patasja, Below Reliance Fresh
Indore, Madhya Pradesh
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G33, City Centre, 570 M.G. Road
Pincode: 452001. Indore, Madhya Pradesh
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Daulatganj, Lashkar
Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh
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Dayanand Marg, Mochioli, Lashkar
Pincode: 474009. Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh
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10 C, MG Road
Pincode: 452001. Indore, Madhya Pradesh
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346/1, Jawahar Marg
Indore, Madhya Pradesh