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Building no. 3, Unit no. 1, Kasalukhowa Housing Complex
Pincode: 782001. Nagaon, assam

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Many people claim that art is the heart and soul of life. Artists use various methods for creating masterpieces including painting on canvas, molding clay, and drawing with pencil onto paper. Artists pour their heart and soul into their work and often never realize fame until long after they are gone. That dedication shows in the work and how it ends up in famous galleries for the world to view.

An artist who paints on canvas uses oil paint and acrylic. The subject varies as does the artists greatest ability. Landscapes, stills, and models are the three basic subjects and every work of art is unique from anything ever created. Paintings are colorful works that can enhance any space it is in. Sculptors use clay to mold statues, dishes, and vases. Each piece is different and is most often monochrome.

To view the most amazing works of art in Nagaon, visit galleries that displays works by different artists. Museums are a fantastic place to see different works as well. City streets offer an abundance of struggling artists attempting to sell their works. Auctions are the best solution for people who wish to own great works that are no longer in circulation. Original works will always remain the most valuable.

Art in Nagaon
Art in Nagaon