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      • Your Ad in Guialis
      • Access and modify your ad
      • Positioning up to 2 Activities
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      • Your Ad in Guialis
      • Access and modify your ad
      • Positioning up to 9 Activities
      • Extended Image gallery to 20 images
      • Show in the top positions of your Activities
      • Your Ad without advertising
      • Select 5 business from your competition, to show your Ad as a suggestion in his profile
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    • From 643.50 ₹ /month

      • Your Ad in Guialis
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      • Positioning up to 6 Activities
      • Extended Image gallery to 10 images
      • Show in the top positions of your Activities
      • Your Ad without advertising
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Frequently asked questions

  1. What is a Premium Ad in Guialis?

    You can register your business in Guialis for free without any obligation. If you can improve your Free ad and be more visible you can hire a Premium Ad.

    There are two types of Premium Ads, the Premium and Premium Plus package. The Premium Plus enhances the features of the Premium and allowed to appear in ads for the competition. In the table above you can see the comparison of both packages.

  2. What do I get by hiring a Premium Ad Guialis?
    • Your ad will be displayed on the top of the lists for the categories you select. According to our statistics the ads featured achieve more than 70% visibility in their categories.
    • Premium Ads remove external advertising in your ad, and any reference to other businesses. Showing only the data of your business will gain the attention of new customers.
    • Also, Premium Ads expand the number of images you can upload your ad and you can select a larger number of categories related to your business.
    • With the Premium Plus package your ad appeared in competing ads you choose.
  3. What product to choose? ┬┐Premium or Premium Plus?

    It all depends on your needs and budget:

    • The Premium package is the most economical and allows you to highlight your ad and delete the rest advertising your ad at a very competitive price.
    • The Premium Plus package is our most powerful product, out star package. Improves the advantages of the Premium package, more categories and images to your ad. It also gives you the possibility of a post under five tabs of competition you choose. For a little more money, your ad appears in 5 advertisements of your competition
  4. What period can hire the featured ads?

    Premium ads can be hired on a monthly, quarterly and annually. Depending on the length different discounts are obtained.

  5. What is the price of premium ads?

    It depends on the package and duration. The price of an ad with Premium package is ₹ 995 hiring him for one month, and ₹ 1595 for the Premium Plus package

    If you hire a longer period, you get a bigger discount:

    • Quarterly: 15% discount on the monthly price
    • Biannual: 25% discount on monthly fee
    • Annual: 35% discount on monthly fee
  6. What payment methods can be used?

    You can pay with your credit card, your debit card or using your PayPal account.

  7. How is a premium ad is renewed?

    Before the end date of the ad, we will email to inform you of the next renewal. In the email we will send you a link to make the payment. If payment is not made before the end date of the ad will go to the Free mode, eliminating the advantages of the contracted package.

  8. How do I get the invoice for my purchase?

    Once we validated payment we will email an invoice in PDF with the details of your purchase.

  9. What you are the categories or activities?

    Categories, items or activities are the keywords used by customers looking for Guialis. For example: restaurants, hotels, shops, etc.

  10. How do I choose the categories of my Premium Ad?

    In the Premium package you have 6 categories and the Premium Plus have 9.

    Accessing with your username into Guialis you can select the most interesting categories.

  11. Can I change my categories of my Premium Ad?

    Of course, any time you can access with your username and edit all categories of your advertisement or any other information that you want to change.

  12. Can I change the data of my ad?

    At any time you can access your web space with your username and modify the data required.